Document: QP

Effective: 01/08/2021

BELUGA LINGUISTICS offers TRANSLATION SERVICE MANAGEMENT SPECIALIZED IN DYNAMIC DIGITAL CONTENT AND TECHNOLOGY-FOCUSED LINGUISTIC CONSULTANCY. Our business goal is to promote linguistic and cultural diversity, aiming to expand the scope of digital technology and its potential for users around the world. Our philosophy is to exude dedication and professionalism, in full alignment with our values.

To do so, BELUGA LINGUISTICS is committed to:

Maintaining active communication channels with clients and shareholders to identify current and future needs, and ensure that their needs and expectations are met.

– Educating and raising awareness among those who partake in our processes, with the goal of improving these and encouraging participative quality management.

– Comply with governing laws while conducting our business, as well as with our clients’ and stakeholders’ requirements, as per our agreements.

The continuous improvement of the Quality Control Management System, by implementing measuring and follow-up mechanisms for the services rendered to our clients, and subscribing to quality objectives.

In short, BELUGA LINGUISTICS agrees to pursue our clients’ absolute satisfaction.

The team at BELUGA LINGUISTICS will work toward the achievement of the established goals, in accordance with the client’s requirements and this policy.

Jan Hinrichs

CEO Beluga Linguistics SL


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