Mentoring Program 2.0

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What is Beluga Mentoring Program?

● The Beluga Mentoring Program is a program that provides an opportunity for emerging translators to learn from professional, experienced, and specialized translators.

● During the ten weeks program, the young linguists will get firsthand experience in the localization industry to successfully launch their careers and fast-track their way into the localization industry.

● The program answers the clients increasing desire to message more meaningfully to audiences across different cultural backgrounds, experiences, and demographics.


Who can participate?

MENTORS are selected from a pool of experienced translators at Beluga.
They must be interested in teaching/coaching and be able to communicate clearly and objectively.

MENTEES are emerging translators with experience of 0 to 3 years and a
university degree in translation, localization, linguistics, or modern languages.
They must be reasonably familiar with cloud-based TMS or be technically inclined to learn such tools.
They should also be willing to learn and receive constructive feedback on an ongoing basis with an open mind.

GUEST SPEAKERS are experts in the translation and localization industry
who join forces with Beluga to share their experience and wisdom in various fields.

What to expect from the program?

The purpose of the Beluga Mentoring Program is to upskill translators and empower them to achieve more in a connected ecosystem that Beluga helps to develop.

● As a mentor, apart from reinforcing your own knowledge and skills and passing them on to younger generations, you will have a chance to practice and improve your communication and interpersonal skills, develop your leadership and management qualities, and increase your engagement with Beluga.

● As a mentee, the program will put you in the driver’s seat of high-impact projects with experienced mentors and localization experts to help you fine-tune your skills while learning how cutting-edge projects are handled. You will have a chance to experience the professional translators’ responsibility and pride when their content gets published to millions of users.

How much does it cost to participate?


And gets even better…

The mentors will receive their usual rate plus a bonus for their effort in coaching the mentees.

The mentees will receive the fee at the market rate for the work completed during the program.

How much time do I have to dedicate to the mentoring program if I decide to participate?

● We ask mentors and mentees to dedicate up to 2 hours per week during the mentoring part of the program (10 weeks) and 1 hour during the initial and evaluation stages of the program.

●For guest speakers, the masterclass will be around 60 minutes. The prep time depends on your expertise on the subject but should average at 2 hours per masterclass session.

Will I get a job at Beluga after I complete the program?

● Beluga has no legal obligation to employ any program participants upon the completion of the program. However, if an opportunity arises and both parties agree to collaborate further, they may do so.




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